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Patrick & Janna | 6.9.2018

Finally Blue Skies | 9.19.2017

Pictures taken at Fort Missoula

Miller Wedding | 8.5.2017

Ceremony & Reception at Missoula Alliance Church

Foshag Wedding | 6.24.2017

Heritage Hall at Fort Missoula

Up Close and Personal | 7.6.2016

Grand Teton National Park | 6.17.2016

A few weeks ago, Jon and I took a Babymoon to the Grand Teton National Park. I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from the trip. The place is incredible. 

Summer Living | 6.15.2016

Fort Missoula Festivities | 4.27.2016

Thomas and His Toys | 4.7.2016

Trains, cowboy hats, and ponies...How could a photoshoot get any cuter!?

Check out Thomas as he does his thing and a few pics of his big sis. 

Images taken at Fort Missoula

Unplanned Adventures | 2.29.2016

Last week, Kacee and I ventured out around town. We hit some pretty random stops.  One where we swung into the store We Buy Anything, a place full of stuff straight out of the 70's. Of course, I loved it. One of my favorite pictures from this session was Kacee and the bookshelves. I felt like the old Life magazines right behind her head are still so telling of the times. "Life: Stack Up." 

Stay tuned for more pics from our session next week. 

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